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Beer spa

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Beer spa Our luxury beer spa offers ultimate relaxation in a private discreet environment with all the service. Beer spa belongs to the law from time immemorial to one of the most popular types of spa. This ancient spa therapy they work perfectly on easing mental and physical tension.

The combination of pleasant baths, natural ingredients and rest a beneficial effect on the body and soul. Special wooden tubs are equipped with a vortical system of air jets that gently massage the body and will contribute to the overall release. Into the water, which is around 36 degrees, we are adding a special extract from which is produced Czech beer. These extracts contain a variety of substances important for the human body: carbohydrates, protein, vitamins-especially B-vitamins, minerals, trace elements and antioxidants. We use only quality certified natural extracts.

Beer baths are valued mainly for their proven effects: relieve stress, creates a good mood, release muscle tension, strengthen immunity, stimulate blood circulation, contribute to the calming, hydration and regeneration of skin, detoxify, they are used as a supportive treatment for rheumatism, back and joint pain.

For a comprehensive effect is recommended during the bath drink a glass of beer. Part of spa treatments is therefore of unlimited beer drinking Pilsner Urquell.

According to the chosen apartment will be available as well as a Finnish sauna, which will surely encourage you to relax and will help to the overall revitalization of the body.

Beer bath you we recommend that you enjoy best in a pair.

A matter of course each apartment has a double bed for relaxation and contemplation. In the pleasant environment of our wellness studio you will feel like a rebirth.

Take a break from everyday worries!

Come and make a moment just for yourself!


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