Řehořova 931/25, 130 00 Praha 3-Žižkov

Wine SPA

Wine spa apartment + Finnish sauna + bottle of wine of your choice.

Experience the beneficial effects of a bubble bath and vines with a rejuvenating effect.

Did you know that wine spas have been valued since ancient times for their calming and relaxing effects not only on the human mind but also on the body? They contain several valuable substances for the human body: vitamins, important minerals and trace elements and unique natural antioxidants-polyphenols.

Your skin will be in seventh heaven. Like your mind

Wine baths give the skin their lost elasticity, flexibility and suppleness, they have an anti-cellulite and rejuvenating effect, soften and strengthen the skin, strengthen blood circulation, support natural immunity, stimulate metabolism, blood supply the whole organism. They are also used as a supportive treatment for rheumatic conditions and back and joint problems.

To make the effect perfect, the procedure also includes a properly cooled bottle of wine of your choice.

The wine bath is best enjoyed in pairs. The apartment also has a Finnish sauna and a double bed for relaxation and meditation.

Give your body and mind perfect relaxation and let them recharge a new energy.

Free rental of bath towels, sheets and slippers.

Reserve an hour for yourself today

Reservations can be made up to 120 days in advance.
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