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Private wellness

Enjoying the power of the present moment, relishing the relaxing atmosphere in the couple and switching off completely. Relieving stress, having a rest, casting off everything and gaining new physical and mental strengths. Our private apartments offer all of this. Pleasant intimate environment equipped with jacuzzi, Finnish sauna, own sanitary facilities, shower and place for the true rest. You will have everything for yourself.

The ancient Romans have already learned about the wholesome effects of water baths on the human body and to this day, it is one of the most effective methods of human revitalization in all respects. Hot water warms the body, relieves muscle tension and joint stiffness, engorges skin and tissues with blood, reduces the pain of the musculoskeletal system, stimulates metabolism which leads to complete cleansing of the organism. This effect is further enhanced by using special hydromassage jets that massage the whole body. The effect of the jets is adjustable so it will be up to you which body part and by which intensity you want to massage. Undoubtedly, hot whirlpool has also got a positive influence on the human psyche, reduces stress and tension, induces nice feelings and relaxation. You can also try the adjustable chromotherapy which provably enhances the relaxing effect. We use only high-quality jacuzzies with modern technologies in our private apartments that guarantee your comfort, safe operation and hygiene at the highest level.

A pleasant scent of wood, affecting warm and relaxing calm. That is the Finnish sauna which is the most famous and the oldest type of sauna at all. It is used for centuries for its undoubtedly positive effect on the human organism and psyche. Sauning affects many functions of the organism: stimulates and strengthens the immune system, strengthens functions of blood circulation and thermoregulation, deepens and clears airways, positively affects the whole musculoskeletal system – muscles, tendons, joints, eliminates manifestation of rheumatism, softens and smooths the skin, enlarged pores oxygenate the body, has got a preventive effect against cold and allergies, helps with many chronic problems, relieves the body of toxins. Staying in the sauna has got a significant influence on the human neurovegetative system. Relieves stress, migraines, depression. Endorphin – the happiness hormone – is washed away which encourages a good mood and relaxation. Sauning also encourages performance, so it is popular especially among athletes. Finnish sauna will also help you with calm and quality sleep.

Our Finnish saunas are custom-made from the Scandinavian wood and were constructed with consideration for current requirements in sauning and comfort. We use the latest equipment during their operation which guarantees absolute safety and serviceability.

Rest is an important part of relaxation after a hot tub and sauna, too. You have got a relaxation place with a spacious bed at your disposal in the apartment. To your complete satisfaction, you can choose from a wide offer of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and snacks that will be prepared according to your wishes and brought to you by our staff.

The price includes the lending of towels, sauna sheets, shower gel, and other cosmetics, hairdryer and closet are at your disposal. The comfort environment can be used privately for couples, but we also offer all the services for social and corporate activities. If you have any special request, feel free to contact us, we are ready to fulfil any of your wishes if it’s in our power. Discretion and cleanness are in the first place for us. Our trained staff will be fully available at any time.

In case you want to make someone happy or please someone, you can use our prepaid services and choose any of our gift vouchers.

We are looking forward to your visit.

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